Product Offering & Photo Gallary

Custom wire harnesses & assembles

Custom overmold strain relief

Control Panels assemblies

Custom designed die-cut and stamped gaskets

Gasket materials include foam, plastic, metal, rubber, sponge rubber, silicon & etc.

EMI/RFI shielding materials & devices

Custom Manifold

12 foot Square Aluminum Satellite Transport Dolly

Custom Fabrication, Certified Welding, and Precision Machining

Double disc & OD/ID grinding etc.

Blanchard and surface grinding

Cutting & Tumble vibrating deburring

Engineering and Design Services

Test platform development and PCB layout

PCB layout and design as well as fabrication

Tool & Die services

High Precision Metal Stamping

Materials including stainless steel, aluminum, copper, bronze, gold, brass, etc.

Flexible Electrical Assemblies

High Current Switch

High Current Power Cables

"Elamet" thin film application coatings

EMI / RFI coating solutions

VacMet, Inc. utilizes full design automation

Q-CHILL™ cold plate technology

Custom Cold plate Solutions

Wind Turbine Cold Plates

Ultra Max Thick Copper PCB(1000µm)

Bus Bar Embedded PCB

Copper Inlay PCB